A true friend likes you for who you are and what you stand for,

They embrace you at times but also back off and give you space when you need it,

A true friend comforts you but never suffocates you,

They share with you everything you both enjoy,

A true friend can teach you as well as learn from you,

They can give a lot to you and they always appreciate when you give back to them,

A true friend respects what you believe in and you do the same for them,

They have your back no matter what and you have there back as well,

A true friend is loyal and will try to always be honest with you,

They know what to say but also know the value of being silent at times,

True friends can leave you for a period of time but eventually they come back,

They take an interest in your life as you do in their lives,

True friends most of all don't need recognition, you both know what you mean to one another,

They can sometimes hurt you but they quickly make amends,

True friends realize trust, honesty and good communication are vital,

They will never intentionally harm you in any way,

True friends are indeed rare.
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Aug 21, 2014