My country America, you are my true friend and it is hard to see you struggle right now. You have reached a period of uncertainty. I can see the anguish in the heart of all your people. There seems to be a quell, a sense of despair in everyone's soul. The people are no longer together. Too many outside forces have disrupted this once proud and unified family. It seems like for the first time in our history, we lack hope as a people.

There are ominous clouds that have formed on the horizon. People just do not know what to do. Those that claim tolerance seem to be shouting other people down if they don't agree with them. No longer do we have a moral compass that guides us. We have been told if it feels good, just do it. But deep down, our soul tells us this wrong.

Time is getting short. We must try to unite again as a people. The time for excuses is over. Throwing your hands up in the air out of frustration doesn't solve anything. It is time we get back to our roots, values and traditions. It is time to prioritize in life. We need to look at ourselves and are leaders and demand better. We all need to get back to the basics and look to our founding fathers and the Constitution. These framers of the Constitution and this country were very special people. They after all were the architects of the greatest nation on earth. They transformed this country into the finest nation ever to inhabit planet earth.

Many men have fought for what this country was founded upon: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yes happiness can not be guaranteed in life, but the pursuit of it is something all US citizens should have a right to.

The time has come for all of us to hold ourselves and our leaders accountable. The time for excuses and frustration is over. We need action in order to save our country. We no longer need a transformation but just a return to common sense and hope. The time has come to put faith back into the individual rather than the government.

Tomorrow is indeed forever. If everybody just saw the world and our country the way it really is, we could then try and maybe return to our basic roots. We must take that first step and deal with reality. We can no longer live in delusion or a country based on what we want it to be. Reality can be hard and cold. But if we don't confront reality and the problems that arise from it, we just might end up losing our freedoms.

We are not a perfect nation, no nation is perfect. We all need to just take a deep breath and put faith back in ourselves and our fellow citizens. The only transformation this country needs right now is a return to common sense and the rule of law. We don't have to go very far for our answers. Just look to the US Constitution, it is the basis for all that is good in this country. It is a living, breathing document that can bring us all home.
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Sep 2, 2014