What This Experience Group Is About:

Okay i made this group because I have had so many people on ep ask me about prostitution, the questions are all different, so on here im just going to write about anything and everything in prostitution, so hopefully that will answer some questions.

I will be writing about my clients, my brothel, how being a prostitute affects my life, how i became one, info about fetishes, about my 'self pleasure', my clothing(where i get it and what it looks like), my charge rates, and the best and the worse brothels in NSW i have worked at...

Feel free to leave a comment if you like it or think my opinion is wrong.

NOTE: if you do the same type of work and you want to add something, go ahead :)
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its so kewl that u made this group beauty...i bet u cud rite a hole book about it!

Beauty, I hope that you have actually found love in your life. I know that it is very hard to find a man who can freely offer that in your profession, as I have been in the male position of it four times now. Unfortunately for my lovely partners, the first two ladies had to put me through some fairly extensive training as to just what their needs from me were, but, by the third relationship I was in, I was very compatible with her lifestyle and needs, and I was also completely in love with my third Lady, and took years to get over her death from overdose. The first two were both sweethearts, but they each fell into the charms of rich clients that talked them out of the profession and into marriages, neither of which lasted long. My fourth Lady was very sweet also, as long as she had her drugs, but too psycho to get along with when she couldn't get anything, and I retreated to save my own skin, literally. If you ever need a friend to talk to, I would be honored to be here for you. Maintain your grace and humor. Love, kemander