Why And How Did I Become A Prostitute:

Okay well it is a REALLY long story and i have already wrote how I became one on another ep group so Ill just give the 'short story of it..
(if you want to read the full story go to: EP Link

anyways short story is, I was living was my boyfriend at a very young age, I then met one of his friends who got me addicted to ice, my boyfriend at the time found out that I was doing drugs and kicked me out, so i lived with another guy, I met one of his friends one day to stay with her and she took me to a brothel, and even though I was very young and underage I still basically HAD to do it. I then found out I was pregnant to my first boyfriend and I couldnt get an abortion, so I gave it up for adoption( I still think about her every day).

I then returned to working as an underage prostitute because I needed money for drugs(yes I know thats bad) but one day I went to see my friend who i didnt see for a very long time and she eventually found out i was working in a brothel, she called the police and they charged the brothel $50 000 for having me as an underage worker, and I was force into rehab.

Once I got out of rehab I was 18 and was legal to work in a brothel so I decided to continue working as a prostitute only part time, and chose to work as a cooperate PA full time, so it would atleast give me some 'back up' if I dont want to continue being a prostitute. So I am now 20 years old and have been a prostitute for 5 and a half years now and it was been a huge roller coaster.
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The big Question is... How the hell do you get someone out of being a prostitute? Society seems to look the other direction and so many of the 'celebrities' that kids want to emulate are complete ******. I know I will never have a relationship with my daughter again because of the way she has become and the things she is doing. She has always been a liar, so she is used to making up lies to cover her bad behavior.

That is very sad to read. I hope since this was posted your daughter has seen the light of what is smart. It is sad any time someone has to sell their body, I look at the good times but for most it is all bad. It is especially sad when someone lives in a place that has so many opportunities or a family that will help them yet they turn their back on that family and opportunities. Those of us that didn't have the opportunities would given anything for a chance like that.

If you hadn't been forced into it you prob wouldn't dream of it now. I think you should save up loads and loads and then quit.. You want to do more with your life than that so save up loads and then go travelling and live your life.. If u end up spending it on drugs (I don't know if u still do) but if u do then it's just a trap and trust there's soooooo much more to life than sex n drugs!! Remember when you were five, what u wanted to be when you grew up? I reckon when you're 70 you're gonna want to look back and think u did loads so make sure you don't get stuck in a rut!! If you're earning serious dollar make sure u do some crazy cool **** with it yeh and don't let anyone make u feel bad for what u do. I wouldn't do it but I think what's a bigger deal is you were forced into it when u were younger and no1 should ever be in that position u didn't deserve it and it's not fair and the ppl that did that to you took advantage and it was 100% wrong of them xxx

no i actually got fired last month as a PA due to what they found out what i do at night.... I am now currently sueing them for unfair dismissal...<br />
<br />
and yes my average clients a day is around about that, but i make alot of tips, for extras...

did u ever win anything when u sued them?

....and have you continued to work as a corporate PA as well? Or has that fallen away? If you earn so much money (as per your other story) and you also work as a PA - how do you fit all this into your busy schedule? to earn that sort of money you would have to see 7 -9 men a day ????<br />
<br />
And yes - it would be wise to invest a good portion of your funds in preparation for when you have to consider a career change......