The Good And The Bad Things About Being A Hooker:

Let me list some of the pros and cons about being a sex worker:

The Cons:
1) People in every day life judge you because what you do for a living.

2) You lose friends
example: I have lost friends because they have found out i am a prostitute and they think im 'dirty and disgusting' and i have also lost friends that work with me at the brothel and I have lost them because they have overdoesed

3) You get f.ucked by as.sholes every day 

4) No one gives you any respect

5) Every one thinks all prostitutes are the same, and are drugged f.ucked

6) We are more likely to be raped

7) Most us cant find a boyfriend that doesnt judge us or use us once he finds out what we do.

8) If we do have a great relationship was someone that is only because he doesnt know.

9) We get riped off sometimes with our money

10) I dont enjoy sex with my clients

11)  You get trust issues

12) We get emotionally and physically abused everyday at work by clients, bosses, and other working girls

13) No one understands how tiring and challenging this job can be

14) We have to listen to all our clientele issues and no one will listen to our stories 

The Pros:
1) You get wear sexy clothes

2) Your an expert at telling if someone is a b.ulls.hit artist or not

3) Your even more of an expert in the bedroom ;)

4) you know more gossip then the gossip magazines


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10 Responses May 16, 2011

i dont have a lotta $ n smtms i think about turning trix but u made me glad i never got into it!

I try and use hookers to fill my need for affection and companionship ..Its quite hard to get her to deviate from her sc<x>ript and let you hug her and chat instead of bj and sex .I did stick to my guns recently and eventually got to give the girl a back rub while she chatted about her past .I guess I'm just an old pervert ?

Some of what you mention is why I love EP after being here just a short time. It is a place I can discuss my past and even have naughty fun with it, without the harsh judgement of others.

Most of the negative you list is true for me too. Especially number 12 the emotional and physical abuse.

That is the one I hate the most. I was tough enough to take rough but something about getting paid to let a client hit me and more of rape me really feels dirty. It more of abuse than sex.

Thank you I have always wanted to know this actually! :-)


you **** ****

Two questions that any pro should ask herself: is it worth it? And for how long can she do that?

Wow! number 8 is so true. I recently broke it off with my girl because I found out that she was a prostitute. I felt that I was wasting her time because she could easily just go out and make money spending time with guys that would pay her. We met at work ( a ***** club) so I was fine with her stripping but, once she started not answering phone calls and text, I knew something was wrong. After a while she stopped having sex with me and started working more too but, outside of work. And I never knew who her friends where ( the ones that was paying her for her time). I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do but, damn it sucks because me and her had a really good friendship.

Yes i think they are insecure, and some are just jealous, because why else would they treat me like that? Its my life not theres :)

haha yes