How Much I Make Being A Hooker:

Okay well so many people have mailed me, why do you do it, its not that much money, or, how much you make. So I am going to show how much I cost:

Half an Hour:
I get $120

An Hour: 

Two Hours:
$480 (lose $10)


plus I charge my clients for fetishes, and anal

for average foot fetish, soft bondage i charge an  extra $75

for a bit weirder fetishes i charge an extra $100

and for extremely WEIRD fetishes i charge a extra $150

and for anal, because its very rare to find a hooker that does anal that is decent looking I charge an extra $450

So the average I make a night without adding extra costs of fetishes and anal I normally make $2295 

so at the end of the week i would make without adding extra costs I would normally make over $9000

So people now can you see why people work in brothels?

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So I also work in the sex industry but charge substantially more than you but make a lot less. According to the numbers you give you sleep with nine guys a night every night a week. Now I'm sorry because I can kind of relate but that is absolutely disgusting. Not only unhealthy for you body and personal hygiene but disrespectful to your clients. I would NEVER sleep with clients back to back. This is why people should come to high end girls because even though we cost more we aren't getting rammed day in and day out. That's absurd.

do u like sex wif clients? dose hooking change how u feel about having sex when yr not getting paid 4 it?

Do you work in the USA?

Go girl...wish I had the youth, courage and beauty... I admire your strength and ability. Stay off drugs girl and you have it made.

Well im interested,i need the cash,my bills and mortgage due, i do anal

Dam you must be really good

Yes,i am

Do you have sex with women

Yes,its new to me,but its great

You are disgusting.
You will burn in hell forever.
No decent man will ever love you
You are nothing but a walking penis receptacle.
Gross. Pathetic. Sad
God don't like ugly.
And you are hideous.

There is something wrong with you. Did you create an EP account only to speak negatively about women who choose to work as prostitutes? Not only do you have no idea if hell exists but on the off chance that it does, what it's like there. And IF you believe in god and I have my doubts because you clearly don't believe in the same god that 6 billion people on earth do, that god would love all of their children regardless of their chosen career. So go back into whatever hole you crawled out of. There's no room for your type of negativity here on EP.

Sounds like your foreshadowing your own future.

So be it,i went to school, got a job, got hurt. Lost job,and house after, ,had to survive,and husband died after many years of marriage, its hard in detroit

Become a camgirl.

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and prostitution should be legalized. I'm unsure of the statistics of how many prostitutes there are working us/australia/uk ect but the amount of deaths because there are no laws to prevent rape and inhumane actions ect in that kind of workplace is despicable! There needs to be set wages and regulations for that particular industry I think.

I will not say degrading yourself for money is a good thing. But if you look at it from the average joe's perspective, unless you have full health/mental or physical, I highly doubt that you will be able to make a comfortable living working at food outlets, retail ect. and let's face it not everyone has money or the brains to do a university degree! And think about working away for 30 years with nothing to show for it.. I am aware of the dangerous work conditions hookers work in, but ask yourself after working in a small joint for 30 years or so will you really have the funds to pay off your house? A ******** can buy and live comfortably after their career has ended as a ********, and if possible go back into other work..

I don't know how active this is, but I am writing a paper on why prostitution should be legalized. Are there any facts/info that you could share? Also does a brothel charge you to work there? Do they take a percentage? Comparable to the **** industry how similar is it?


How's aids and herpes going for you lol

Now days, you don't have to work in a brothel to be a hooker. A lot of these girls do it without a pimp by working in a ***** club.

My daughter started hooking when she met her pimp boyfriend. If I could get my hands on him I would kill him and sleep like a baby. Even if I didn't get caught I doubt she would stop doing what she is doing. She has always been a bit lazy and likes to have nice things. I fear she will be dead sooner than later.

Yeah, I am fully aware my daughter is a *****. Everyone tells me she chose that for herself. I am my own worst critic when it comes to blaming myself for what could have caused her to think hooking is an Ok thing to do. I don't hide the fact she is doing what she is doing. Friends, relatives and neighbors all know, I have told them. They have all seen her being raised and thought they knew her to be a better person. As a parent I take responsibility everyday and I will for the rest of my life for something that may or may not be mine to take.

I was mainly wanting to hear from another young lady who has or had made the same bad decision in life. But I get to hear form someone like you. Been a John lately? Are you a pimp and take offense that I would grab you by your throat and tear it out if given the chance? You've stated the obvious, now I am just wondering what kind of person you are? I am also wondering what kind of smudge you would make getting slammed up against a wall. I would love to see someone like you make that comment out loud face to face.

To hairsuitsme- Thank you. I hope she will end up to be the person she was raised to be and stop hooking, she is still with the pimp and they have both ran away together. She knows me all too well, she knows I will never accept this sort of behavior from her. I have tried working with cops who have been little or no help in tracking him down.

idk how you could be goin through that much money in one month. Mortgage for a decent house is like 1,500$ a month and add the bills and i still cant see you goin through that much even if you were makin car payments on a porshe. 'Shout out to hookers, hustle you know what that's about'

I dont spend money like that i like nice things though,mortgage ,lights,gas,water,on average 2900,+gas in car.and im certified in medical accounting,looking for next job,i di my best, since hubby died,its harder,i still try

Good 4 u girl.

What are your clients like ? Is your work stressfull ? How do you remain sane ?<br />
- Good luck........

It can be stressful,liking sex,sometimes is not easy. Some like spanking,and oral,some like sucking and ******* and some things still new to me. I need more lingerie. Some like toys,

Thank you

may i have a loan

Lol,with these bills

How much to spend a weekend in Jamaica

700.00.+ hotel ,plane fare,

Do you haveto pay taxes ?<br />

No,i **** for money on my own,

I've only read a bit of your accounts, but do you still take crystal meth ?<br />
- How much can you spend a week on that alone ( + other drugs ) ?<br />

Don't di drugs baby,maybe a lil weed.

I dont like people to think every whire is a junkie,not so,my high is my bills getting paid, an occasional good movie, sex,uf its great,like oral sex,giving and recieving,i once thought anal was gross til i tried it.

replying to gourehound: well im not 'rich' but i am well off, i pay a mortage and insurance and a lot of bills so once the week is over theres only $200 for me to go shopping for new lingerie for work

I do feel So Sorry for you.......... I'm Very ill and I get £92 per week. (I dont know how much that is in $$$ - Not many I would presume.....) I was born the wrong sex....... :)

Wow. Im curious

Makes lucjy if i have 150 left,school,bills,cable,etc.

well the client pays the brothel $190, and I get $120 for the half an hour, but they dont take my extra costs, because i set costs them myself

haha yes