What Prostitute Do When They Have Their Period

This might be a gross topic to some, however I have had some people ask me what do i do when I have my period. So i am going to write all the options that pros have while they have 'that time of month'.

1) Use a sponge
they buy a normal small sponge, some brothels have it in the vending machines, some don't, then they soak it with water and they stick it up their hole.

2) Use a 'dish'
Similar to a sponge but very uncomfortable for me, so i dont use it, but its a hard oval shape, like a half of a tennis ball, with a little flip so you can get it out, the only problem with that is you cant **** guys with big penises.

3) dim the lights and make sure the guy wears red condoms
I use to do this when I didnt hear about the sponge, every time I had a client I would tell him to get in the shower, then I would run to the bathroom, pull out the tampon, then go back inside the room and dim the lights where you can only make out a little bit of details, I wouldnt let the client go down on me, and just incase the client had better eye sight then me and could of seen the blood, I would put a red condom on so the condom just looked really lubed up..

4) Dont work when you have them:
Some hookers either dont feel confident to do the things above or they get really sick while they have it, they just dont work until its gone...

So the next time  you visit a lady, and she might feel tighter then usual (ladies feel tighter while using the sponge or dish) then maybe she is having her time of month...

I am going to write a little story about my first time using the sponge because it is quiet hilarious: 

Okay well I was working then that time of month came, and I didn't have any red condoms. So one of the girls suggested using a sponge, so i went to the bathroom, stuck it up there then continue my work shift... Later after seeing all my clients, I was finishing work, I went to the bathroom and tried to take the sponge out. Well of course it had to get stuck!! I spent over half an hour trying to get it out, getting myself all flustered, and it still wouldn't come out! I went out and i was all red and frustrated and one of the girls asked me 'whats wrong?' i then told her and then she said come on, get in one of the rooms ill help you.

So i went into one of the room she told me to get on the bed, spread my legs and then she stuck her fingers up there. She tried for 20mins and she still couldn't get. She said Gosh your the tightest pro i have ever met. She then got one of the other ladies and she tired. No success. So i told the receptionist of the brothel, and she was finishing her shift so she took me to the doctors, I finally got it out of me, but it cause so much embarrassment when the doctor asked, why is a sponge up there?

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What kind of sponge?

something very similar happened to me when I started being a sex worker! My period came 10 minutes before my client arrived and I did not know what to do so I stucked toilet paper up there! haha luckily it did work but when he was gone i couldnt get it out!!

Anyway, it was the only time that I "tried" but I have a two hours outcall tomorrow and I am sure I am about to have my period probably in a couple of hours :/ and i dont really know what to do! So.. what size has to be the sponge? and does it have to be much soaked?? Please reply asap

Angie xxx

Haha gosh :P that was a good one :)

so sexy I'd lick the blood from Your sponge

Why dont you take it in the butt when you are in flower rather than having to go to all that trouble preparing your Puss

You write very well. You just don't seem to fit the stereotype of a prostitute. I guess I need to broaden my opinions. I'm a bit embarrassed that I have been prejudging. I saw what you wrote about how much you make and it sounds like there is more to it as a career choice than a broken home and drugs.

would love to be your friend

I love ******* my regular hooker on the bleed just as long as she tells me ahead of time. I undress completely and take a full shower afterwards. She wears her tampon and I **** her ***. I have been her client for over four years so we are uninhibited with each other.

This is hilarious!!! Same thing happened to me when I first started minus the doctors lol the trick is alot of lube

We all do what we think is right.....for me, I take the time off....for others, they work....


Amber xx

just don't have sex while on your period. You should Respect your body and give it a rest.

2 words -"kite string"

What do you mean by the 2 words "kite string" ?
- Theres not enough room to fly a kite up there....... :)
Is there ?

Did you tell the doctor that you were just having a shower and you thought you'd just make sure you were 'nice and clean'........................ just 'chasing the soap'................... :)<br />
I bet some doctors have seen some 'funny' sights in their time.................<br />
One bloke (somehow ) got a wedding ring round his ****, and had to go to hospital to have it removed. - Idiot ! (It was on a tv prog in the middle of the night.....................)<br />

i recline to do it, because i think to do it with total strangers is unhygienic

Amazing, if slightly embarrassing, story. I am a little surprised at least some of your clients would not enjoy sessions with you specifically during your menses. Have you investigated that or is it simply something you are not inclined to do or is against the policy of your workplace?

not really, but one of the girls hurt with her finger nails, so that kind of hurt :s

Ouch.... did it hurt you?