It Is Hard To Be A Working Girl:

Some one today decided to mail me bascially saying prostitution is easy.

Well all I have to say to that is, why dont you give it a go for one day, i bet you would dead in a gutter. So to the rest of ep people reading this, its just a story on how apparently 'easy' it is to be a prostitute.

When your a hooker you have to know how to get yourself out of trouble incase something goes wrong.

After I got this message i decided to research some things:

Whats the percentage of deaths:

it is said that it is 18 times more likely to be murdered then any other type of person with another career, and it is 40 times more likely to die from other than natural causes.

It is 82% more likely to be raped, and it is said that it hurts more then the average women because it reminds the hooker of memories.

88% of prostitutes have been threatened with a weapon.

52% of hookers had been sexual abused while still a child

60% of prostitutes annually get raped on average 33 times

72% were formally or currently homeless

75% of hookers attempt suicide

So now people, you tell me does this sound like an easy job?

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7 Responses May 17, 2011

There's plus's & minus's to every job / way of life................<br />
- I, Personally feel like a decomposed corpse, due to having Fibromyalgia / "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" caused when my ex-wife kicked me out of Our family home, just over 25 Years ago, and NOBODY has Ever helped me out with My life's day-to-day Problems............<br />
( I Only get V. Low money, too..............) Sadly.<br />

That's really sad.

Most English prostitutes treat you Badly, BECAUSE THEY ARE ADDICTED TO DRUGS / DRINK/ GAMBLING / 'SHOPPING' - ( bUYING STUFF THEY dONT NEED...................)<br />
<br />

i treat them decently they treat me the same .

If prostitutes treated you decently, just because you have a good-nature, then violence Wouldn't be used against them. They bring it on themselves....................... :)<br />
- Their not All like you, you know..................<br />
You are Very expensive, but at least your honest............<br />

I hear ya.... trust me....

Beauty,<br />
<br />
Knowing a few women who have turned to prostitution, I know how tough it is. You never know who your John really is. Its defiantely not safe. For some reason guys think that because they a woman to have sex with them that they own them and can do whatever they want to them.<br />
<br />
If I were a woman, I know I wouldn't want to be a prostitute.