My First Client As A Prostitute

No matter how many clients I have ******, I still remember my first client as a prositute!

I am writing this story because believe it or not i have been asked so many times its not funny...

Okay well i started working at a place called la peitite, it was 5 years ago now since i worked there.. anyways my work name there was diamond, I got all ready, i was dressed in a pink short tight skirt, with a black bra and a g string that you could see clearly underneath the skirt. I remember it was so busy, and i was so scared (if you read my other story on how i became a prostitute then you would know why i was so scared) so every time a client would come i would nearly stumble into the room because i wasnt used to walking in 7 inch heels, and i would nervously say, hey im diamond, then basically RUN out of the room.

Then one of the girls gave me some more meth (i was a drug addict back then) and some alcohol, then i suddenly thought i was the sexist ***** alive lol. The next client came in, i went and did the intro, I walked in without stumbling, saying 'hey handsome, i would really like to take you up to my room so i can ride you hard, and he asked me if i could be his naughty school girl, i replied, i can be anything you want me too be, unknowling what i just myself into...

The receptionist came into the girls room and told me that I had been chosen, I was in shock and didnt know what to do, the girls just told me to talk sexy, get him to have a shower, and make sure he uses protection...

So I walked the client upstairs told him to 'get his sexy arse in the shower'(i still say this to my clients nowadays)... Anyways I was laying on the bed waiting for him, he came out in a towel and said are you sure your comfortable in being my school girl, and replied of course i am, it turns me on (in my head i was thinking, well this wont be to bad, ive done role playing before) so i told him to lie on the bed and i will do a ***** tease for him..

He then told me to skip the ***** tease and tell me what 12x12 equals, i looked at him confused and i said 144, he said very good, i then asked, you want to do the classroom role play, he answered yes, im a school teacher at something high school (i dont remember what school he said) and i always have fanatasies about the young girls wearing short skirts. I was in shock when him told me that, then he said i sometimes look up there skirts when theyre looking the other way and that is why i came to visit you so i can fanatasise about one of the girls panties i saw today.. 

I let out a little 'ok' and asked him what he wanted me to do, he told me to fake that one of the boys have been teasing me, and calling me ugly and that i was talking to him about it. He then basically started fingering me when i was making up this story to him and then long story short, he started to make say please dont **** me when he was ******* my ***. then when he was coming  he made me slap him and run out of the room..

So that was my experience when I had my first client, I feel sorry for those young girls who the teacher looked up their skirts without them knowing, proving to you that you cant even trust education.. But I have to admit, i have heard some of the other ladies first client stories, and most of them have had ****** up ones too lol
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was he yr 1st anal?

woah! my first client was way normal I guess. He was a 28 year old med student... and he was a virgin. very basic. lol guess I'm lucky... hmm.

You write well.....good story

crazy *** story, its great to see you can talk about it and share it with other's. What state did you work in at that time?

So I'm to understand that you allowed anal penetration with your first-ever client?!

OMG you have lived an amazing life so far not all good but amazing .I would love to be your friend May I?

I hate to laugh but that's so crazy!