Life Of The Party

A friend of mine asked if I'd work a party for him, yes he knows what I do. Turns out he invited about ten guys over and myself. I guess it was all about watching someone else **** and then doing it yourself. Most of the guys were shy at first but it was not long before hands and other things went where they were meant to be.

But I have always thought drinking just makes you do the things you want to do but do not dare without it. A few of his friends were wearing my panties and bras of course with ten of them and just me they did have time on their hands

Do all guys want to wear panties or just most?

Do all guys enjoy a peek under a skirt more than a naked girl?

Just two of the observation I have made agree of not?

ashley14880 ashley14880
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

Was it all bareback? Or you have them wear condoms?

Condoms, If I get knocked up I want to know who did it