I Love Prostitutes - Dont Make It Illegal!


Im a 58 years old Danish man. I have been living in Italy for years now and I just love Italy for the street walkers there. Many politics talk about not making prostitution legal, its a BIG fault. I think many bad guys with bad thoughts as rape are getting better and healed by visit a prostitute. The girls gets their money and we get our aggression out on the *****. If Im aggressive because of work or wife or any other things - I love to pick up a girl at the street and take her to a silence place. Make her call me daddy and make her do what I tell her to do. I like to deepthroat her and use the ***** as I would do the my enemies and then leave her and Im a new and happy person and the aggression is gone :). I do that almost twice a week! Im sure many other men feel the same and it would not be good to make it illegal
Arthurjo58 Arthurjo58
Dec 12, 2012