A New Era Began...

I worked in and out of the sex industry for about 7 years both a as a sex worker and doing 'sensual massage'. The first time I worked was to support myself through university. The second time I went back into the industry it was to support a drug habit...anyway here is a little story about the start of that time in my life.

Soon after turning 19 I became a 'working girl'. So naive that I didn't even know it was a brothel when I rang the front 'clients' doorbell. I had answered a newspaper ad for 'massage'. I adjusted to this discovery with the speedy agility of youth and promised to be back at 7pm "after I tell my flatmate".

I quickly became an 'expert' on men,in my teen arrogance...lesson 1 was learnt within minutes of walking in the door- mens tastes in women are varied and-revelation-more complex than I'd imagined.

Lesson 2 came a few hours later-mens tastes in the bedroom are more varied,so again,more complex than I'd thought.

I felt much the worldly woman dragging on my cigarette after spending 1/2 an hour biting and sucking hickeys all over a strangers hairy body. Until I realised that I could and should have charged extra for that...lessons of the business of sex.

I was fascinated, I was hooked. I was $300 richer at the end of the strange new night.

rustyfrog rustyfrog
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do you still provide, or did you retire?

Variety= the spice of life! It is quite interesting, the ever wide spectrum of who and what men enjoy.

I was a teenager myself when I started. Like you did I learned quickly about men. It was such a contradiction in a way. They all liked same thing but all were completely different. When you say complex that is perfect way to describe. I am seriously jealous of your $300 a night!

If you love what you do and you do what you love...you are half war there...

Rustyfrog this is so powerfull it reach the deepest parts of my heart & soul,life's twists & turns

Yep,lifes twists and turns alright! All experience is valuable experience I reckon,if we let it be! :)