My Life - A Bit About Me!!

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My life- a bit about me.

I was Born in february 1968 - a short while before man stepped on the Moon.
Im not sure if how this is gonna pan out as I think about all the events in my life, but bear with me as I scribble.
As I say, 1968 was the year, and I was born to a mother and father whom had both been married before, and had both had other children with their previous partners. I was the first born, and my brother was born 18 months after me.
My earliest memories was living at my dads mothers house. I have fond, but only Distant memories of my nanny.
Her name was ivy, but everyone called her flo. ?? No ideas why? I remember nannny husband (eric) was killed in wwII. He was only in his 30"s I think.

Nan lived until she was 89 - I remember vividly the day I was told she had died.

My brother Steve and I grew up in a council house from about 1971 ish - and we both went To the infant and junior school across the road from where we lived.

Life Was ok for Steve and I for quite a while - but suddenly in about 1977/78, my mum and dad were both sentenced to a 3 month prison sentence for shoplifting.

It was food and presents for Steve and I. An now they were put in Prison, and us kids were put with a foster family.

Not many fond memories there I'm afraid.

We were soon back home, and then shortly after this time- Early 80's I think, i started my secondary education.

I hated that School. So much. Every single Second of every single day.

I was already very good with numbers and math. And English. But everything else Bored the life out of me.

I eventually left school, and got my first job, the day I left school, as a trainee baker.

I spent 5 or six years as a baker, and during this time, I was out with Steve, my brother, when he suggested we pop round a mates.
When we got round Peres house, Steve, pete, and I were all in Pete' room, when in walked Pete's Sister- lorna- my current wife.

We dated for a couple of years, and 24 (25 next august) years ago, we married.

We got a mortgage, and after about 8 or 9 years living together in this little flat we had together, the banks all went a bit crazy, intrest rates went through the roof, and we could no longer afford the payments.
So we eventually lost the property, and started renting a place.

We could not recover financially from losing the flat
I was now working as a train driver.
But due to privatisation of British rail - and the fact I had been involved in several incidents at work with people killing themselves in front if the train I was driving, I had a nervous breakdown that took 18 months to recover from.

I still to this day remember and love my councilor "sue"

She took me through all my **** n grief.

God - they was real hard times.

I took a sum of money from the railway, and after a brief spell in a couple of ****** jobs - started up my own business.

I now run a successful business and to fill the time and get a bit more money, I work part time most evenings in a local bingo hall- as the head cashier.

My wife lorna and I never had children - due to no money,no proper house, no time - and lots of other things.

The biggest blow to my life was about 15 Years ago, my brother Steve was murdered in his flat, by his girlfriends ex.

It's a short little sentence that last sentence. Go on read it again.

But it's been the biggest lose in my life.

Steve was alway around.

He only lived 5 minutes from me and lorna.
A tiny little flat - but he loved it. It was his home.

But one night, the same night lorna and I come home from a little seaside Holiday - the police knocked at the door and told Us that Steve had died.

My mum and dad were never quite the same after that

Dad had a couple of heart attAcks a couple of years later - but recovered - he's 89 now - and he had a fall last year- and broke his hip badly.

He is at home now- but due to bad Health needs daily care.
A Lot of which, I provide.

Mum had a hip replacement earlier this year - so she also need a lot of help.

So that's. A brief history of me

I work every day- my business, my part time job, looking after mum and dad. And trying to spend a little spare time with lorna.

But its all really ******* hard at the moment.

So many things to do

More work.

Mum needs this

Dad needs that.
More work day shifts and night shifts.

Next to no sleep before beginning the next day of more demands.
And it seems to go On forever.

So I'll finish up here- its ment to be a brief history. But I'm sure I Will add more

Im smiling on the outside these days

But inside ....... Im quite sad.

But I never look backwards. I always want to explore tomorrow

I have so many hobbies and intrests.
I play piano
I'm a photographer - read one of my other posts for that.
I write 4/4 dance club tunes on my pc

I have Many good friends - but only 1 good mate - he Unfortunatly moved to Italy last Year- but in sure I will see him again.

No really I'm gonna stop now - maybe write another episode tomorrow if I get 10 minutes free.

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Jan 21, 2013