Nurse Olivia

ne of my fantasies has always been my wife being a nurse and even though she does work in the healthcare industry, it's not being a nurse, but sometimes we talk about her working in a hospital and I tell her she could be the nurse who shaves the patients before surgery and also collecting a ***** sample. We have a good laugh about it and she said "I'd have some stories that's for sure".....her handling a big **** and ******* them off and shaving them and yes, she would have some stories...anyway, I told her that I would get off on this if she were and she came home, horny as hell, telling me about the dicks she had handled that day, I have one scenario where she comes in the room, looks at the patient, young nice looking 30's something laying in bed, his wife sitting beside him, she says "Hello, I'm Nurse Olivia and I'm here to prep you for surgery"...he says "Ok, this is my wife, if you need help, she's here too"...Olivia says "Well, you never know, now lets see what we have here"...she pulls the sheet back, lifts up his gown..."Oh My goodness, aren't we just large down there?"....with a smile, then looks at his wife, "You must stay pretty happy", the wife smiles and says "Of course, look at it"....Olivia says "and what a nice one too it must be at least 7 inches laying there like that"...he said "Yes, when it's fully erect, it's about 9 inches" she is mesmerized by his **** and begins to handle it and shave him all over, his **** is growing immensely, the wife is getting horny you can tell by watching another woman handle her husbands ****, knowing Olivia is loving it, she then gets done and says, "Now we must collect a ***** sample, would you like to help", as she looks at his wife, she says "Sure of course, I think together we can get it out pretty quick" Olivia says "how bout I stroke him and you play with his balls and behind his balls, he won't last long"....she says, "Sounds like a plan" as she winks at her husband knowing he's been wanting this all his life, two women handling his big ****. Olivia starts to stroke him, his wife fondles his balls, his hands begin to wander under the dress of Olivia to feel her *****, his wife is getting turned on by this, then he feels his wifes *****, stroking the **** of both women, he says he's about to blow, so the wife puts the cup over the head of his throbbing ****, just then his head goes back, his mushroom head engorges and he begins to launch a hot load of *** into the cup to which Olivia says "Oh yeah, that's it, fill it up"...his wife eggs him on..."That's it honey, pump that *** out of there"....his legs are quivering and his **** throbbing, he's finally done pumping the *** in the cup, Olivia says "Oh my, what a load that was, you must have been backed up"...he says "Well she said you were going to be doing this and I didn't want to disappoint" Olivia says "May I take a picture of your beautiful **** and send it to my husband? he'll love it"...they both said "Of course" she snapped a few, text the pics to her husband with the caption "Wait till I tell you about this one" which her husband replied, "I'm hard now thinking about it, get on home so we can **** like rabbits".....and so Olivia followed through with her husband in having hot sex while discussing jacking off such a big **** and it wasn't long before he was pumping his own load deep inside his wife's tight *****. This is always such a turn on for them and he loves hearing about the dicks she encounters on a day to day basis, makes for some very hot sex. Maybe Olivia will get a chance to do can only hope...till next time....keep horny thoughts!!
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Sep 11, 2012