She Gave Me The Greatest Night Of My Life!

As she came down from her stairs, in the beautiful dress that she wore. I could not beleive how georgous that she was.
I knew that she was in a place that she wanted to be in!

She wanted to be there!

I undressed her, as she moaned, her body quivered with my body.
The things I can't undestand.

As I know. That there might be somethings that might be rough.

But it was a night to be rough! She wanted it that way!

And she knew that she wanted it in the hardest way!

The way she knew that only HE could give it to her

So she looked at his bulging pants, and she looked with eagerness.

She Undressed him. As she did that He got eroused...
So she did something that she said she would never do again
Yes she said that she would never do ORAL ever again
But she couldn't help herself!!!

So she sucked his bigass ****! She felt so out of body! She thought that these things only happen in ******.

While she was sucking his fat ****, she had gotten undressed. And was asshamed

All the while, HE looked at her with Desperation!

So he was naked, and she was naked. He started eating her ****, and she loved his ****.

The ******** were so Amazing that they couldn't hold back anymore!!!!

17 years later, they are still toghether
forgner forgner
Dec 4, 2012