Like to Draw But Can't

I'm not sure do I really express my feelings through drawing... I just like drawing since that I'm not good in studding and memories thing. I draw when I alone, this it more comfortable and make me have the mood to draw. maybe it's true that people can draw to express their feeling, but I never show my feeling drawing to anyone. I wonder why...? can this be one of my habits or because I'm affair of something. I don't know. My parent always dislike my drawing or whenever I'm drawing. one of the reason is because my study result is not good as my silbing. this is the reason that I know. now didn't really draw much already, if I stop drawing my mom won't get angry. now I only draw outside or at my friends house, away from my parent sight. this is really toilful life...

Toji Toji
18-21, M
Mar 16, 2009