A Different Kind of Aphrodisiac

I write erotica.  What came as a surprise to me is that so does my husband.  

Several months ago he handed me what looked like a pamphlet.   It was titled “Our Story”.  I began reading and was mesmerized at the sexual intensity of the words on the page and the lustful, delicious story that was unfolding.  He wrote it in third person.  I was taken aback at the attention to detail and the depth of the characters, especially to the woman who was the focus of this story.  The insight he showed regarding the feminine psyche really surprised me.  I got a glimpse into what goes through a man’s mind and what he feels as he makes love to his wife.  I had to remind myself that this was me, this was him, this was us.  It was romantic, sexy and beautiful.  It was a love story.  At the end of it was a footnote.  It said, “Your turn.”

I would recommend this for any couple.  It is a kind of game we play now, each adding a chapter in turn.  It is such an amazing turn on to write our story as individuals and then read it together in bed as a couple.  We’ll be doing it tonight.  

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It sounds like you've got it all figured out and went about things in the right way. I had a typical Catholic upbringing, too, but never got caught up in it for some reason. I took what I liked and pretty much ignored the rest!

Good luck, hummin. Timing can be everything even when there isn't bad history. No need to upset her, that's for sure. I'll check out your story.

I've written a few (see http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=982598&page=submissions), but haven't shared with my wife yet. She had bad experiences before we got together that left a lot of open wounds. If I find just the right story and just the right moment, maybe, but it hasn't happened yet.

Thanks, Alex!

PeeDee, I am impressed. From work? Ha! If your coworkers only knew. I've never sent him anything over the phone and I don't know if I'd be able to figure out how. I'd probably end up sending it to one of my kids and they'd want to scratch their eyes out.<br />
Sassy, I'm inspired. I've been feeling a bit frisky with spring in the air.

grams, you always make me smile. Why am I not surprised?

My hubby and I did that... gosh how I miss those times..

Peedeedog's mom looks around the room, bends over and whispers into Myonis's ear...He really enjoys the boob shots I send to him, while I'm hiding in the restroom at work.

*gasp!* Peedee! I'm shocked! And so proud! ;)

Shhhh.....Don't tell anyone....But, Hubby and I ocassionally send "naughty" pictures to each other via our cell phones! It's romantic for us!

Sassy, that's a great idea. I would do that except he never travels. Anyone with a spouse who does should do exactly that sort of thing.

Pedro, don't wait for the opportunity. Just do it. He surprised me again the other night. Now about that genius thing...I'm not going to tell him you said that. ;)

Well, I used to send dirty e-mails and he didn't respond, either! He prefers to do everything in person. I think he likes to watch my reaction. You never know until you try!

I have sent naughty emails off to my wife and she doesn't respond to them, she also doesn't write them something about not being comfortable with it.<br />
<br />
So I would like to but there isn't any response to it.<br />
<br />
Need to attend the Myo sex seminar I think.

Good for you! Follow through is important! ;)

Myo The Marriage Counselor and Sex Therapist! Eat THAT, Dr. Ruth! :D

I'll be there... :-)

It does take two, no doubt. We play various games with this. We're going to share a story about the different things we do. Free seminars on EP!

Chris, YOU DORK! roflmbo! <br />
I had an Ex that we liked writing stories to one another. NOt continuing the same story though. SOunds like a great idea! HOwever I liked "his idea too: 'To Be Continued' meant the Real Deal when he came around! (no pun intended. lol). <br />
Unfortunately, with current mate, I can identify with Sassy. TWO has to play this part, and when one isn't into this kind of stuff.... forget it! :O

Ha! yes... I agree.

Which is why you do it together. No chance you'll get it in the wrong hands. Pun.

I have sent my wife naughty emails before. The only thing that bothers me about that is that I fear accidentally sending it to the wrong person... lol

Tender, sunny, and chris: Thank you for the comments. sunny, you're not dead yet and chris, you should try it. It's exciting, amazing and cool, indeed.

This is really cool Myo...

This really does make a couple connect. It's great to get into the mind of the partner this way. It's very intimate because the inspiration for the stories comes from each other.

Very cool idea...my hubbie and I have both written stories separately, but we have never tried writing a story together. I like this idea, and I'm going to suggest it! Thank you!

yes, me and my bestfriend used to do this except we would make it into a fantasy. And we would tell it to eachother not write, he is a great writer though He wrote some and that was the 1st time i ever read any and fell in love with it. We, still to this day tell eachother stories sometimes, its a wonderful connector

This sounds like one hot idea!!! I may have to see if I can get MyLove to write something... hmmmmm.

Yay! Mr. and Mrs. Ballz have got their groove back!

Yay! Good for you, mewold!

Try it, boobie. You'll like it.

I write short stories, but my wife doesn't know it. But she might in a little while.