The First Of Many, Enjoy!! L.m.f.a.o

Buried under burden and anger made me weak
I let out screams when I would try to speak
My Heart burning with frustration
Lived my life in anticipation
of a change of Heart in a lovers Mind
But we exist in different times, much of him did truly chime
But as for his heart it was a waste of mine.
I Saw the lows that no one knows , Unless they saw it for them self,
Wanted simply to ask for help,
Shame makes mouths prison cells, keeps words prisoner inside many mouths
Lied so many times and mainly to my self
Begged and craved for him the thing
That was ripping us apart
Tatty edges appearing around the Heart
That once was
Worn it so proudly on my sleeve
Degraded beyond all description
I’ve written it down, it reads like fiction
Couldn’t see my own reflection looking back at me
Hoped at times with tightly closed eyes, That I could fade away
I turned my anger inward, suffered in so many ways
But today am here to say
I love the way that it is never too late to
Start Anew
I can Thank a man for two things
While you were M.I.A You both left a piece of you, It got me through!

This was very helpful to me at the time it was written but oh god it makes me cringe now. !
ellissia ellissia
26-30, F
May 4, 2012