My Old Blue Chair

My old blue chair was not always old.
I bought it brand new from the store where it sold.

My dad helped me get it, when I was with child
something to rock my new baby, meek and so mild.

As she grew I used it for fun
I kicked up my feet after the day was done.

Sometimes another kind of fun could be had
In that comfy chair were feelings that weren't so bad.

The decor changed and to the back room it was stored
and I would go back there when i was left bored.

I'd read and i'd write, i'd dream and desire
but something had squelched all my passion my fire.

I'd meditate, ruminate, agitate, and scorn
I'd pray and i'd cry and eventually mourn.

Retreating from arguments too tired to fight
Sometimes I would rock myself all through the night.

One or the other of us sought solace in that chair
Until I decided with you I could no longer bear.

I tried to leave you in very much despair
You pinned me in blue chair, refused to let me leave there. 

You criticized, chastised,threatened and beat
Until I stood up and got to my feet. 

I left you and blue chair in the shadows of pain
I will never look at you both the same way again.

To storage went chair despite all it provided
till a time when my whereabouts would be decided.

I thought of all the things blue chair comforted me through
births, deaths, bad thoughts and events, even physical pain and times i was blue.

In the end blue chair went to another
perhaps for a woman soon to be a mother.

which is where my story began with life anew
and it's funny because everything has gone askew.

The chair is a material thing representing more
A life, a marriage cannot be bought at a store.

I'll find a new chair something comforting and pretty
I'll find a new life maybe in a new city.

For now i'm in limbo not sure where to go
I'm doing my best to keep up with the flow.

(it's my first effort give me a break, i have a lot of feelings)

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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

OMG.....why would you think this was's awesome.
In these few verses, I lived your life with you....felt your pain, smiled with you....
don't stop....keep going.

Its good poetry! It filed my mind with images and emotions, but it seems unfinished.

Thank you! It is good to see you again!