Actually Just A Bit Better Than The Tripe I Generally Spit Out

Who would have thought that loneliness and lust would make for something better than the crap I usually write?  I wrote it to be androgynous on purpose.  I was going to post it as an anonymous confession and see if any of the people who tweak on the confessions board would react, but I thought better of it at the last minute.  Anyway:

So many needs clamor within me when I see you,
The desire to be possessed, to be loved and known,
To feel your smile upon me,
To turn my head and ask “what?”
And you smiling, not caring to tell what thought
Amused you.  I long for your hands
Upon me, stirring my passion and calming my mind.
I am lost in a life I could not have foreseen.
My mind is beguiled with a sweetly dancing fancy,
A waking dream I will not express with words you won’t read.
My playful lips smirk at the truth that you could release
Even if your finger upon them might ask to stifle it.
I am sorry for so many things –
Most of all that these will remain idle thoughts.

MyLoserAlterEgo MyLoserAlterEgo 36-40, M 1 Response Dec 28, 2009

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