I Have Started to Make Up C...

I have started to make up codes. My daughter is marrying a man who has 2 sons and the eldest,{10 y/o} loves working out codes. So to make him feel welcome into our expanding family, I did one for him. I got a beautiful one back and he called me,"Nana". Now I make sure I have a special coded message for him everytime they come to visit. You may laugh at me, but I think it is just so special between us and to know he has excepted me into his life. I love doing them now and sit for ages working one out. {I always make sure I put a,"How to crack the code", on the last page of course}. hahaha

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

I used to love codes when i was a teenager. A buddy and I had the "Unbreakable Code." We each had a copy of the same dictionary and could write a number that would tell the decoder what page, what line, and position of the word in that line. Even the CIA would have trouble with that one, especially if we switched from dictionary to some text book! At in the 60s, before the computers we have now....DD