Waiting For A Phonecall From A Ghost

Minutes slide by
like drivers past a collision
gleeful ghouls
slowing to catch a glimpse
and prey on a piece of pain.
Each second breathless
hopeless and helpless
yet hopefully awaiting
the soothing slumber
of your sweet poison in my ear.
I'd gladly sleep again
beneath that tree,
if only you would lie beside me.
An ancient ghost
who wears your face
marches on modern parapets,
caught by your crimes,
mocking and taunting,
flaunting my fears and my failures
Yet I fight all sleep for fear
of the dawn light creeping forward
to wash away this fleeting vision
but the specter will not speak
and offer nor seek no release.
Good night sweet prince;
the rest is silence....

[I don't know how this turned into a surreal Hamlet reference medley but ....whatever.  It was spontaneous...um, at least the first time, when I was just gonna throw something short and sloppy up on confessions, as I usually do when feeling melodramatic but not wanting to seem so (hey, at least I'm honest :P   ), but I kind of liked the result so I decided to copy and paste it somewhere.  But I uh....kind of got distracted from there to here, just for a minute, but I lost it from my clipboard so I tried to rewrite it from memory.  It um...did not turn out well.   Very unsatisfying...like a pale shadow of a crappy poem, like a Franken-poem.  But I figure I wracked my brain this hard trying to remember it I'm not throwing it out now just cause it sucks.  And don't patronize me, either.]

[P.S.  So okay, yes... I might be feeling a tad grumpy and defensive.  But that was F*ing annoying.  You'd think I'd be able to remember something I wrote ten minutes ago.  *facepalm*  And I knew I shouldn't have closed that tab *double facepalm*]

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1 Response May 9, 2012

Some really poetic lines there along with some haunting analogies. Really well done.

Thanks. Now that I read it again, less annoyed, I guess it's not as bad as my first impression.