He quietly watched her from the shadows, her hair the color of a raven's wing cascading down her back, teasing and moving around her leather corseted waist. He drew in a breath...his **** as hard as a steel rod. In a second he was behind her, grabbing a handful of onyx hair, the other hand exploring every curve of her body. He growled in her ear "scream and i'll snap you in half". He steered her out the back door of the club, her heart racing she tried to break free, she scratched, clawed, kicked as he pushed her inside of the limo that awaited his arrival. "You can't hurt me" he said with a sinister laugh, he tapped on the window for the driver to go. She tried the door, her fighting and attempt to escape made his **** even harder. He loved a good fight and thus one was a she-devil. He pulled her closer, yanking her skirt up around her waist, he moved her black lace panties aside. He slid 2 fingers into her *****, it was tight & wet, she screamed, he went deeper. "look *****, this is happening, so scream as loud and long as you like" his other hand pinched the nipples on her ample ****, bouncing & jiggling with all the movement. He took his fingers out of her *****,licking the juices, 'sit up ****"! he pulled her head to his crotch.'unzip me ****" '**** you" she yelled, he forced her head lower, "unzip me now or i'll **** your *** until you bleed"! She did as told. "please don't...please stop"  his **** stared at her, giant, pulsating, she tried to pull away, "open your mouth ****" he seized his opportunity when she opened her mouth to scream, with both of his hands in her hair he rammed his **** in her mouth, 'yeah *****, you ******* tease" "my **** now" ******* her mouth deeper & deeper. The limo came to a stop, he yanked her off his ****, we're here ****. He jerked her out of the car, skirt around her waist, **** exposed. Her hair a wild mass of tangles, she looked up at him.."let me go, i won't tell anybody,i swear" "GO' he laughed, "**** i'm not even close to being done with you" . He grabbed her arm dragging her alongside him & pushing her through a dark doorway and down some stairs. Low light, leather sofa's & all sorts of hell came into her blurred vision. A metal door swung shut and a loud click followed...trapped. He stalked toward her, pulling his leather belt through the loop of his pants," Bend over the back of the sofa ****, NOW' ! She tried to run & put furniture between them, he loved it, she had nowhere to go! and he got pleasure out of seeing her **** jiggling, DD's bouncing over a leather corset, he couldn't have planned it better. She made the mistake of trying to take him on, hitting & scratching, she clawed his face, he laughed grabbing her arms, he spun her around and shoved her over the back of the sofa, kicking her legs open, *** in the air...smack!! his hand came down on her *** with brutal force. She began screaming & wiggling, he raised the leather belt CRACK...over and over, watching her *** shake and grind. He shredded her panties and ripped what was left off of her. She lay exhausted & whimpering, he kicked her kegs further open, stroking his **** for a few minutes and enjoying the view before grabbing the back of her hair while slamming his **** into her up to the hilt. She let out a primal scream, he was ******* her so hard she almost blacked out, "wake up ****" pulling her hair so her back arched even further. He pulled out & dragged her across the room to a long leather table, he picked her up and laid her on her back, he said "**** now the real fun begins" she blacked out.

She woke up in a fog, turning her head she saw him sitting in a chair slowly dragging on a cigarette & rubbing his ****. "ah my ***** awake" she realized then her wrists were bound, her thighs were in slings that made her ***** gape open, her nipples had something attached to them, she began to scream, call for help, he moved to the side of the table holding a giant *****, no...no...she begged. He locked eyes with her. "Don't take your eyes off of me *****, i want to see the fear, the pain everything" he held the ***** up while pouring thick lube on it, she tried to look away and he slapped her," what did i tell you *****' he pushed the head in & out a few times, she arched up, take it **** ! he went deeper & faster, she was moaning, screaming, gurgling, caught up in pain, pleasure & fear. Her hips moved on their own "c'mon **** it...own it " "like i own you" he turned on the tens unit sending spasms through her whole body. Her eyes never left his, he pounded her with the ***** now, she was wild, ******* it, moaning, screaming...Squirt, she soaked everything ! sreaming & squirting as he pounded away at her drenched *****. He yanked the ***** out & slid his **** in it's place, she was swollen & soaked, he could feel the spasms....Squirt.."yeah that's my ****". He pulled out & pulled her further down toward the end of the table, he poured lube straight from the bottle on to his ****, "this is gonna hurt ****, but i warned you earlier" in one violent thrust he was in her ***, ahahahahahahah **** he howled. Her screams rose, louder & louder. He pounded her *** like a jackhammer, pulling his **** almost all the way out & jamming back in again, pulling her hips to meet his thrusts, her whole body shaking, ohhhhhh you *****...he dumped a huge load of *** in her ***. tears streamed down her cheeks, black eyeliner smeared, he untied her, lifted her off the table & laid her down on the huge bed. She woke up the next day bruised, welted & sore, he helped her into the bath. "you know you're not leaving here yet' when she was finished he gave her a robe, coffee & food. "I treat my captives well don't you think"? she shook her head yes. "when can i leave"? "when i tell you" .

It took him 3 days & she still fought, he abducts her every chance he gets & when she senses him in the shadows or sees that limo slowly following her she gets a little smile on her face that he will never see.
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Dark, hard, true. Nice writing, doll...