Mind Entanglement

A moment of silence in a vacuum of people's
voices intersperses space and time
with a pattern of a deconstructive melee
A moment of stillness touches intricate
fibers of perplexed, bewildered souls,
an invasive grabble rescues, with induced
propensity to moral acquisition, capitulation
Moments like bubbles of time bounce free
in between and about corners of entangled,
obese minds struggling to keep afloat
in oceans of sanity, perspiring profane
irreverence for simple pleasures, monads
of destitute survival of the fittest,
the worthiest, the purest. I weep in silence.
I breathe the stagnated air of desperation.
A universe on fire...
I scribble upon brains gone mad, trapped,
bristle fragments of soft but surmountable timidity.
I weep in moments... in stillness... inside.
MasterKosh MasterKosh
36-40, M
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

this is like reading in between the lines of a daily newspaper lol good stuff humanity sucks

Definitely a piece worthy of a comment! You seem to have been gifted with an ambidextrous brain. I noticed you were doing some algebra (?) also.