I Hate You

I've cried so much it cant be true
I've cried so much just for you
I sat back and watched you destroy my world
All because there was another girl

I once had every dream of only you
But all the things you had to do
Turned my living dream come true
Into a living nightmare of you

This time its really over
What happened you cant cover
Im going through a living hell
But when you see me i look like im doing well

You thought you could've erased me
But my pain is still here for people to see
I could sit and cut my life away
But this pain is here to stay

My life felt like it ended for good
Life goes on or atleast i hope it would
I once said this love is true
But now i say i hate you

AbbytheNinja1993 AbbytheNinja1993
18-21, F
5 Responses May 10, 2012

Really cool poem and straight from the heart as well. I love it.

thank you =)

omg!!!!:'(<br />
Thats So Real <3.I Really Liked it Alot.

thank you =)

Your Welcome!!(:

Good poem. I know pain kinda like that.

Thank you =) he did deserve it >:(

Harsh but sounds like someone deserves it. Also sounds like a lot of things I would really like to say to a certain someone right now...only worded better. It F*ing sucks but you're cute and super talented, you'll find someone better who recognizes that and actually deserves you.