Please Don't Fear

Upon my heart you lay the dagger

so slowly pierce my pale flesh

the blood that drips crimson agony

scream for my soul till you fade.

When you die on this earth,

do not wake me from my slumber!

i do not care to watch you sleep.

Where you always so cold to me?

so closed off?

why do you fall back in fear of me?

i have done nothing you have not done yourself.

do not shriek with fear and pain

when you gaze at me so lovingly.

such kindness burdens me when

all i know of you is hatred and dispare.

PMCLaura13 PMCLaura13
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2008

sort of......but not really..... to be honest, i don't remember what i was thinking when i wrote it....

I hope this isn't about that boy you broke up with. he was an *** hole so just forget about him.