Darkness To Light

darkness seems to surround me where i go..
it is my friend and my enemy.
it is my serenity blanket of security like a little child.
it scares me and hurts me so. 
wherever i go i carry darkness with me for i've only known darkness.
I can't stand in fear against it and yet i fear it every waking moment

it covers me sucking the life out of me and leaving me in pain
i am supposed to trust this darkness yet i fear it with every drop of blood
fear is my only word for the dark and yet it is my friend
it serves its purpose for hiding me when needed
sleep comes in darkness whether it be good or bad
there seems to be no difference between either of them
i am suffocating in the darkness that seems to cover me almost every night
I wonder if light will ever come

i stay in darkness forever so it seems bc i've lost all sense of the time
and yet out of darkness come light
a precious gift of light that is soo imensley precious
this precious light has saved me from the darkness itself and lights everything up so golden
how i love the precious light 
how the dark night comes back to haunt me still and yet the light is always there
will i ever get rid of the dark and be fully in light 
will i be able to stand strong again the blackness of dark
for now the dark still surrounds me threatening to engulf me at any second
into total blackness but i struggle to be free
free from the hatred it carries and free from the fear of the black dark cold night and memories it carries
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
Apr 20, 2012