My skin is burning hot
Pain and hotness are unbearable at this moment
warmth begins to run down my leg
the color of warmth flows a deep red
how fascinating the color and pattern it makes as it flows freely

another slash
and another
and another
More burning hot flesh
my color of red

Another  to the face 
and one for my arm
another to my leg 
and one for my back

Searing hot my flesh burns
hurts to touch
hurts to be cleaned
red flowing liquid bubbles out of these wounds
how fascinatingly cruel this is

Is that the smell of burning flesh
it is and how the pain is more unbearable than the slashes
its searing hot 
i smell the flesh burning and scream out in pain
the iron is red and bright orange
how hot it is 

I am now branded
branded like cattle would be
Branded to assure i am your property
yours and yours alone
how hateful the symbol is that you yourself scalded into my flesh of my arm
how the pain is far worse
and how much worse is the symbol itself

i hope you are glad as you laugh
you are gentle to clean the wounds
clever at the lies
clever to hide the burn in my arm
covering the branded hatred you seared into my skin

how clever i am at lieing about this
i know you will do this again if i tell the truth
i lie to protect him
i cover it up where noone knows

as i am older now i decided to cover it up
a tattoo to memorialize a dear date noone will forget
it covers the pain and shame i've carried all these years
it covers it but doesn't fully take it away
look at it closely for you can still see that hatred
the hatred seared and slashed into a child's skin for pleasure and enjoyment
the pain is still there and so is the shame
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 25, 2012

i really understand this ,it says many things i feel it but i cant put it in words