One Of Them Days..

Woke up chained in a basment not sure how I got here
bloods leaking from my rugged cloths,I'm strapped to this wooden chair
left eyes closed and part of my face is missing and tared
with rusty barb wire,secured and wrapped around my butchered hair
chunks of my flesh arnt there,theirs intense ringing in my ears
I hear foot steps near,then I see this masked girl appear out of nowhere
straight fear as she screws a razor through the roof of my mouth
she hit me in the chin and I quickly started to bleed out
laughter echoes as she slowly rips off each of my fingernails
I try to scream but if I yell the razors will slice off my inner cells
within my tongue, I taste copper the smell of rotting bodies
I'm losing sight up gainging a growing fear from what she just pored on me
its burning,I can feel it dripping down to my feet with throbbing heat
while she's laughing sje says its my own stomach acid
she chopped off my toes with a hatchet
then dipped them in bleach,then started to hack me into little fragments
have this,she took out a magnium and stuck it into my addems apple its half full
pulled but jammed,so then made me swallow the bullets while cutting my hands
then took a bucket to my wounds filed with salt and sand
put nails on the floor,then tied me to the fan
rope around my neck,while my lfes about to end
she poors gasoline on the tile,then before she leaves
she makes sure I'm not dead yet and removes my teeth
and makes me eat rodents that are still alive and keeps
telling me I'm gonna die but not today ill see you in a week...
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May 6, 2012