Lost And Stolen

you are the one i love and loved
the body i know
but you say you are dead to me
that you aren't the one i know

you tell me you are someone new
that what we had is now not allowed
not allowed because of your re-training
re-training that should not have been allowed to happen

i lost a love
or did i?
i lost a brother
or did i?

i see you and recognize you
talking to you is different
you are distant and saying sorry
saying I Love You yet you don't know me and then you do

you have memories but they don't feel like yours
you say you have no feeling of how it felt
you love me but are afraid to love me
in the end i am utterly confused by this trying to comprehend it

they've taken you from me
yet you are the one sorry
they have stolen you away my dear brother

they've taken you from me
you can't even recognize me
they have stolen you away my darling lion love

I am stuck here in Hades with no one or nothing
i used to travel with my lion love, a brother, and a protector
the protector is in darkness
and they have stolen away my love and my brother

left only the outer person that resembles them
memories there or gone
but no feelings, no love, nothing even though i get I LOVE YOU

I am not mad at you or you
i can't be it wasn't either your fault
it was the ******** that stole you away
Now i must re-teach you both who i am

it hurts my heart
pains me great
oh excuse me i don't have one now
they've stolen it to

they've reached in with their evil claws
digging and tearing at it
ripping it from my chest
leaving me empty and hurt and angry

they stole my lion love
they stole my brother
they've stolen my heart
they have everything i had and knew and care for

Lost to me maybe forever
lost to me right now
stay right there and wait for me
i am now lost in the pain

can we get through this and re-learn it all?
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
Nov 26, 2012