Tears stain the pillow,
She has been betrayed.
Opening up to someone,
The person runs away.
Trust is hard to come by,
On any given day.

Tears stain the pillow,
Feeling nothing more than pain.
Knowing that she can't turn to anyone,
Only self-hatred remains.
Evil thoughts run through her head,
Her once joyful soul they drained.

Tears stain the pillow,
Nothing will ever be the same.
Not a soul would miss her,
No one knows her name.
She slides the knife across her wrist,
Only herself to blame.

Tears stain the pillow,
From those who did love her.
Realization, those warning signs,
In their memories, did stir.
The funeral they all sat through,
Just seemed like a blur.
AngelsandDemons55 AngelsandDemons55
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012