Seconds Felt Like Days

Time moves slowly,
As though it has nothing better to do.
It's as though the clock is mocking her,
As she waits for that pivotal moment.
The moment when Death will finally claim her from this life of solitude and grief.
Slitting her wrists was the only way to end it.
Many times before she has Tried.
Only to have life shoved back in her face.
Each time a cruel reminder of the pain and loss,
That feeling that got her to this point.
Red wetness covers the floor around her.
She sees the pool ever widening.
It grows larger and larger.
She knows it won't be much longer now.
As her life drains from her she thinks about what happened.
The moment in which she knew she would have to die.
The longing and waiting had become too much for her to bear.
Redness swirls,
The pool deepening.
Flowing away from her as if afraid.
There are only seconds now.
The lights are fading,
Sound is waning.
But yet she can still think and feel the pain.
She had thought death would be easier,
More soothing.
Instead she is in agony still.
Tiny arcs swirl in the blood around her,
Ever moving farther away.
The last strains of life begin to leave her.
The end she has been waiting such a long time for.
Her last thought is one of happiness,
For she knows it's all finally over.
The blackness consumes her life,
And the pool of blood stops its expansion.
kotori4444 kotori4444
13-15, F
Dec 5, 2012