A Devil's Game

A game that is all that it is
dangerous as it is the game must be played
silence and denial are the rules
do as i say a must to follow for if broken a loss happens

lights so bright that they are blinding
laughter and cheering i hear
i see only figures and silhouettes
smell their drunk breathe and sweat and the blood

a dangerous game we play up on a stage
a game i must play to save one i love
a pair of lovers that aren't meant to be
lover's that must hide in this world and that world

hung high up as the crowd shouts for me
they enjoy this entertainment immensely
the dangerous game two innocents play
the entertainment of young innocence playing for survival

voices mumbled as rules are barked out for the one
he must follow them to a damn T
no one must know that he secretly loves the other
no one must know that he yearns for death of two

the crack of whips and the smell of blood
faint screams and cries heard over the cheers
hoist him higher hit him harder use this one instead
must not cry nor scream out

see how it pays to prove your undying love
do anything for him to keep him safe
anything at all would be done just to keep him alive
a dangerous game you play to keep your love by your side

when its hard to breathe you continue
throwing up all over doesn't matter to them
you secretly and quietly utter a Forgive Me in Italian
and then as you finish their game your wishing an end

this dangerous game will continue once all players come back
but for now an end is granted
a get out of jail free card so to speak is granted
the hell that endures after is never really free nor an end

the game of shame and lies
the game of wits and endurance
the game of life as we know it here
the game of love that endures of the hate

Each game enthralls their own hell
Backed by ones that understand and support
Their minds are their only escape to ones they can't speak
Shame, Lies, Guilt, Hurt, Pain, Hatred, SILENCE

Information come about
an age that can't be known
something stolen
something forever hidden

it's the devil's game we play tonight
a game that hurts worse than all others
a game that must be played to survive
the devil's game of shame and lies and silence
woundeddragon woundeddragon
18-21, M
Jan 22, 2013