Existenz Shatter

Existenz Shatter

By Lucifer



I stepped on broken glass to hurt myself

To feel the burn as it tore through the fragile flesh

Seeing the bright lights flash by

I stepped into a world without me

And saw tortured souls swaying on trees

And they spoke to me as if I was a Saint

They said help me from this painful way

And oh how I did feel for them, that cold cold day

But I did not exist, only a vibration in time

There is no me called the Crow

Only I and I wish to be free

From all the pain you do here see

So if you cold please kill yourself

Go back your own way

But the ground held firm to my feet

My cut bleeding feet

As I stared right up into a blood-letting sky

That cried and cried

At the sight of me

Whispering in the wind that I was a flawed soul

Needing to be with those on the tree

So why was I stuck to the ground looking up?

If I was to be like them, a foul taint?

And oh how the wind blew cold

And the odor caused me faint

But I stayed awake

Clawing at the sky asking to be released

As it poured on me a substance I shouldn't have known

I gently spoke I just made me up to hurt myself

And there is no here there is only I!

And I must die for me to be free!

So I hung myself upon the tree

And before me all did die

And I awoke to a start

I was laying in bed

The mirror before me was cracked

and held a reflection of two Mes.

Oh, how that world did fall apart

It's breaking into now, right out of my head

Out of my head, onto my bed

Where shall it overflow this world with me and I.

JollyDevittaRoger JollyDevittaRoger
22-25, M
6 Responses Mar 2, 2009

It's about half-and-half really.

ok creepy and i am one of the most open minded person ever so i pray to god most of u in this group is venting

Very, very well done, Lucifer. I love the details and the imagery in this poem.

I don't think I would be much help. This poem was written at a time when I was feeling insane and was listening to a song that helped paint a picture of how maddening I was feeling in my mind.<br />
<br />
The Only (El-P Mix) by Nine Inch Nails. The best remix to his song.

It is a surreal and insane portrait of what it's like to have your mind crumble.

wow..lucifer,i cant find the words..u create such a picture..