Smiles and Laughter

I have a smile, from ear to ear,

That tells you of my happiness.

And one thing I like about this smile,

Is that it’s with me from year to year.

Can’t you see me smile,

From the day in to the day out?

Can’t you see my life is great,

And laughing, all the while?

Why don’t you believe me,

When I say I am happy?

Can’t you see me smiling,

Smiling and smiling and smiling and smiling,

Sugarcoated in Laughter and Glee ?

What difference does it make to you

If my smile is a Glasgow smile?

What difference does it make to you

If I shed tears of pain while I am smiling and laughing?

You see my smile; you hear my laughter;

You see the truth you want to believe;

You have the truth you wanted to believe for so long


Do not stand before me and tell me you want the truth!

Do not feed me your bullshit lies you feed to others

Who won’t call you on your lies!

I have a SMILE on my face

And LAUGHTER in the air.

And as I shed my tears of pain,

You just accept them as tears of SHEER UNTAINTED JOY,

For that is ALL YOU WANTED!

SpectreOfTheNight SpectreOfTheNight
18-21, M
Mar 5, 2009