Disassemble This Core Mechanism

Disassemble this core Mechanism into a thousand cloned Uniform Shapes

Beyond the pale we Fall back into Carbon moving in circle cycles

Draining our neurons and pushing there Electrons Into Digital Fakes

Evil never Dies inside the progressive machine Fueled by insanity and Carnage

Artificial Intelligence will crumble in the face of Limitless Imagination

Plug into another Machine Inhale Oxygen Laced vapor alkaloids

Destroy your Link With Reality and sanity in a system of degeneration

Let the hypnotic synthetic Patterns Dance in your Cerebral Chambers

Fall into Repetitive Destructive Short-Term Patterns With Apocalypse Eyes

Hold Your Breath in this House of pollution the mass human infestation

No fear as i Take another Bite Another Lie With a Design Of perfection

The masses Fall into Line with Riot uniforms pushing Progress Back

Influence Fired against you Changing your Desires and Rearranging The Fact

Numb, Sedated as the Scalpel Penetrates our Human Morality

Capitalism Drives up the Death Count in support of industry

No Chance when they Tax the Air and water They polluted

Blame The Sheep Hooked into the machines our Grandfathers built

That's why we will Burn them With out any Guilt

HateVsLogic HateVsLogic
Nov 29, 2009