My Boyfriends Best Friend

So im with this great guy james and i know that im in love with him with all my heart but his best bro tells me yesterday that he has wanted to **** me for a while and then he kisses me i want to be able to **** him and still be with james but idk how i dont want to cheat in this relationship onfused
confused1994kano confused1994kano
1 Response May 6, 2012

I'm confused too. I dont think you love the guy you're with. I dont think you know what love means. You think you do but you dont really. If you really loved him you wouldnt feel the need to fuc* anyone else. If you're in the mood to fuc* people then break up with him then do what you want. Cheating on him on his best friend is the worst thing...not just from you but hes goina feel shi* when he realises its with his best mate.