School And Beginning Courses

I feel so sad every time I go to my math class. This is because this class is for beginners. It's a class that is so low in levels of complexity that I feel ashamed that I am taking it. I have hidden this fact from my boyfriend, and, so I did not tell him that I am taking this non credit class this semester because I think he is going to think that I am stupid.

Every time I go there I feel like the tutors hate me and dislike me, specially this one guy Maxwell.

Today one of the tutors, let's call her A was explaining a problem in which we had to use the quadratic formula I was having problems. A asked Max if something was bothering him because she was spending quite a while explaining things to me and he seemed stressed about it. I looked at him and then looked down because he was looking at me when he said yes and then returned to his paper once we were done.

I feel sad and almost cried. I wish I did not feel so stupid in that class.
PrettyLittleBoobs PrettyLittleBoobs
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2012