Why Can't I Just Be In Love & Happy!?

Every time I get in a relationship, i'm all lovey dovey, but about 3 weeks into the relationship I find major flaws. I started dating this guy named *Carlos, he was cool & I was really digging him but I found out about his past. In his past where he slept with all these vulnerable girls, and done stuff with them. I was mortified! He was so sweet and swore he changed! He was nice with me, but his past was bugging me so bad that I was stressing out so much! Like I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. We finally broke up, and I missed him so much! I'm still in love with him but I always see him with his new girlfriend on my wrestling team. It sucks because I have to see her face everyday.
It seems like every other boyfriend had cheated on me, he was the only faithful one. I just wish I could have gotten over his past, because now i'm depressed & feel like i'll never be happy ever again
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Jan 19, 2013