It Helps Me Express The Way Im Feeling And What It Means

I love having my own journal and writing really helps me when im angry,sad or just feel like writing. I wouldnt appreciate if anybody sees it,i write down personal stuff like if theres guy i like,i write something about him. I write what im feeling at that moment and at the end of the year i read everything i wrote and get rid of it:) I also write down my goals and dreams in it. Recipes ,numbers,tickets,addresses and my shopping list for the month. Writing is good,i feel everybody should have a journal ,its beautiful to write down your thoughts,etc.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

ya it help to clear your mind a lot.. if you feel too low and write down your thought it make you feel better... it can give you the best company as it helps you to release your emotion that was bolt in your mind....

That sounds like a very interesting thing to do. I limit my journal to things happening that day and that's it. Would be nice if I put just about everything there, the way you do!