I have decided that I will never stop trusting



Why do we always put trust into people? and then when somehow that person betrays our trust we get so upset? Yes, i do admit it hurts when somebody you thought you could trust stabs you in the back with a knife it hurts..but we shouldn't be shocked. Are we not all human? Don't we all make mistakes and hurt people intentional and unintentional? That's in a humans nature, whether we admit to it or not. I admit that there were times that i have hurt people but i am not proud to say that. I feel the best we should do is stop putting so much trust into people and learn to depend on ourselves and be self-sufficient. Once we do that wont that help put and end to our problems? I don't really know where I'm going with this i guess its just my random thoughts. But if we don't trust people wont we run into problems? How can you fall in love if you cant trust the person? along with other problems we may encounter. Or should we just take a chance and trust people? but what happens when they betray your trust and you're left fallen and in need of help to get up? but how can you get help when you cant trust anyone else? and what if you do decide to put your trust in somebody else wont they just do the same?

If you don't risk you never know. If you never failed, you never lived.


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Very true. Valid points and spoken well. The tightrope of life. As Leon Russell once called <br />
it in his song, 'Highwire. Words of "one sides ice and one is fire"

We can be self-sufficient and still trust others. Without trust, there can be no depth in relationships. The key is to learn to be observant and know who to trust or in what areas we can trust. Trust is being vulnerable. Giving our trust and discovering that the person can be trusted is a wonderful feeling. We can protect ourselves from deception and betrayal by not trusting anyone, but then we will just be limiting the depth of our lives. We must allow vulnerability to pain in order to experience great pleasure. We can't appreciate the positive if we've never felt any negative.

A person can live several ways with trust. As you state; we are all human, therefore cannot completely trust ourselves or others and realize the outcome before it happens. <br />

All good questions to ponder.