The 5 Secrets Of A Happy Woman

1. It is important to find a man who shares with you all the responsibility and tasks of your home.  A man that has a good job.

2. It is important to find a happy man,  who enjoys to dance,  romantic getaways and able to makes you laugh.

3. It is important to find a sweet  man on whom you can depend effectively, but who won’t control you for that. A man that does not lie.

4. It is important to find a man who is good lover and who  adores to have sex with you.


5. It is very, but very, very important, that these 4 men never get to meet.

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15 Responses Mar 4, 2010

funny =)

I agree! Tks!

Funny and slick.

I am glad you find this funny my Dear Paco35. Sometimes we need to laugh more often!

Yup, I confess you got me til the very end! Cause the whole time I was thinkin: Wait a minute! Why does a woman have to have a man to make her happy?! Coarse, I still maintain that, but yer ending was much funner! ;D

Esmerald, we do not need a man to make us happy I much agree with you. I am happy myself, I just want another happy man to share this happiness, not someone to make me happy, not someone that I have to make him happy. But having this 4 guys will make me more happier!!!! :) :) :):) one smile for each one!!!

Thank you, LadyGems, your comment made my morning! Lets never loose faith finding them 4! (lol)

Funny! As I read I said to myself "okay, this is getting a tad bit unrealistic." LOL #5 saved the day.

Good one - lol

Look in the right place then. Maybe you need to look closer, even closer than you think, maybe is just as reaching your hand to find her. Think of it!

whats funny is I ahve all of those qualities and them some, do you think I could find a woman who adores what I ahve to offer? Doesn't seem so unreasonable to have those asperations of a man realoce, the thing is every time I when you think you have found that person, they are 1000s of miles away lol

This is just a joke., I don't really mean that at all! I am far from this woman's happiness.

Not really!

Very funny. :)

Sorry, They got me too .. I said finally after all this years, I will be able to know....and see!!!!

Ahaha, you got me! :D

I know!!!!!!!!!!

haha good one x