(All of my poetry was written during some very hard times. At least anything dealing with depression and abuse)

Depression stopped by today.
It said Hi, how are you?
I have come to stay.
I bring to you,
Sadness and crying,
too tired, weeping and the blues,
self loathing and hate,
wanting to die.
Stop fighting, it's too late.
Lay down to sleep.
Pray to God,
Your soul to keep.


Voices from no where,
fill my head with their noise.
Talking, mumbling, speaking,
never quiet.
Coming at me.
Won't leave me alone.
Nagging and pushing,
swelling my head,
about to explode.
Voices in my head.
Get out!
Leave me alone!
dragonteach dragonteach
46-50, F
Jan 21, 2013