Carnally Yours

Deep inside your captivating windows to the soul
I find my fiery passion and I lose my self control
My lips to yours, enveloping in sensual embrace
Heat building up inside of us as hearts begin to race
Lover’s kisses moving to your neck along your cheek
My hands caress the curving of your womanly physique
Kisses moving lower down your neck toward your chest
Lips so soft and carnal, cupping tenderly your breasts
A hand is moving lower still as a moan escapes your lips
Fingers trace a trail inside that started from your hips
Another moan, but louder, as your tenderness is teased
My lips are kissing slowly down, but slow with purposed speed
Your hands are now atop my head; your fingers in my hair
Gently pushing, guiding, as your urgency is shared
In sweet relief, another moan, and this one louder still
My lips and fingers move in sync, your pleasures to fulfill
Both your dainty hands possess and use my hair as reigns
Your thighs relax, so signaling your pleasure was obtained
Within your eyes is now a blaze of passions come unbound
Our lips embrace and share the taste of pleasures that were found
Without a word positions switch, your kisses move with flare
My breath is quick in ecstasy; my hands run though your hair
My manhood stands in full display and your lips caress its crown
I give a moan of total bliss as your mouth shows skill profound
My fingers griping tightly to your gorgeous silken mane
My pelvis moves with dire need that’s only just restrained
Desire burns within us both as I move you up the bed
Our bodies move in perfect sync and not a word needs said
Looking down upon you as I slide myself inside
Sharply we each draw a breath and lock each other’s eyes
Slow at first, that gentle pace, and arousal grows with greed
Your arms and legs are wrapped around and quickened is the speed
Impassioned sounds created by the feel of skin on skin
Blissful love and carnal lust are merged within the din
The earth and sky just fade away; only you and I exist
Within a world created by our loving carnal tryst
The world is then made smaller still as pleasure comes to peak
Our minds enveloped in this feeling singular unique
Washed by waves so intimate as consciousness returns
Breathlessly we lay there quenched of fires that once burned
FordPrefect42 FordPrefect42
41-45, M
52 Responses Jun 12, 2011

Wow . . . bravo. That is one awesome poem. Thank You .

*takes a bow* You're welcome :-)

It was my birthday last month, the youtube vid of this poem, spoken with your adorable voice would've been the perfect gift. Maybe for Christmas? lol



Reminder! ;)
Youtube + poem + your dark and seductive voice = sheer pleasure!


burn me again..lets try the new thing
and we start like a new begining
I kiss you touch
I love it so much
you drive me crazy
I love to lazy
licking the cream off your hardness
I find it with madness
we laugh now as we play
we know, it will stay
the lust, the sex the fire
the hungry desires

0-o. This us new. I think I blushed. Lol

Hehe, glad you enjoyed it, babe ;-)

I need a cigarette....

Glad I could please you ;-)

I see you clearly, thanks for being you..

I know not how to be anyone else, so thank you for appreciating me :-)


Just a reminder! Youtube + poem + your dark and seductive voice = sheer pleasure!

Beautifully written!

Thank you :-)

ooooh errrrrrrrrrrr. i hope you remembered to put the cat out first.

respect, from robbie

A gentleman always puts the cat out first ;-) lol

oh.... disappointed now. good sex does not happen when one adopts the position "gentleman". sex is rude, sweaty, carnal. two bodies letting go of the inhibitions imposed by society..... but glad you remembered the animal... the power of human sexuality often scares them. ;-))

you sexy boy! you!!:)

*blushes* Thanks, babe ;-)


Absolutely Beautiful and Amazing!

Thank you :-)


Thank you :-)

i think i have just *** xxxx

Glad my writing could touch you so deeply ;-)

mmm it did you always do ;-)

wow that was hot..

Oh my goodness intense or what need some air x

I'm glad you enjoyed it ;-)

I think I need cold shower have you got more just asking like :-)

This is the only one like this I've ever written.

Well I don't know about anyone else but I love it

Thank you, Hun! Much appreciated :-)

You need to write more, I luv poetry an write my self but nothing like this. Yrs is the best poem ever lol amazed at it's power ;-)

My pleasure!!!

Playa!!!! It was good, but you are a bad bad boy!! I think a spankn comes to mind!!!!!

I think you're come here and bend over my knee ;-) lol

Please make a new youtube vid of it! Pretty please???

lol dats sensual!

Thank you! :-)

mmm i think my ***** is very wet now xx very nice and passionate :)

I thought you might like this ;-)

i did i am very flustered now x

Glad you enjoyed that ;-) hehe

Thank you, ksparrow! I'm so glad you enjoyed it :-)

I had to read your mmmmmmm so good poem again!

I would love it! But in the meantime I'll hear your creepy poems. :-)

I hope to get to it soon, Ricki! I know you're anxious for me to get it posted ;-)

One more bow to you. When will you insert the youtube vid? I can hardly wait! :-)

A true compliment, LonelyGirl ;-) hehe

Thank you, LonelyInLondon ;-)

Wow ! That is hot ! I never thought poetry could be that hot !

Hmmm...perhaps I should post an audio for it too then ;-) hehe

O pleeeeease dooooo!

Words can do much more for me than pictures. I imagine the arousing poem you composed, spoken by your deep, sexy voice...

Thank you, Snow ;-)

LMAO!!! I love you so much, DT ;-)

*does his happy innuendo dance* :-D

I just know how to keep you coming, eh? ;-)

Thank you very much, Quercus!!! Glad you enjoyed the show ;-) LOL

Ooooo...Thank you, FG!!! Happy to return the favor from some of your stories ;-)

This is so sensually hot I think it overheated my "not so smart" phone. :)

I'm glad that was as good for you as it was for me, Whisp :-D LMAO<br />
Seriously though, Thank you!!! :-)

Ahem.. wahell that was ... hehe whew hawtness!

Thank you, Sunshine! :-)

*bows deeply to Michelle's ovation* <br />
Thank you kindly, m'Lady :-)

Yowzaa, very very nice indeed ! Your passion shines through Ford, *standing ovation* !

Thank you, Dark :):):):)

Thank you very much, ES!!! This is the first erotic poem I've witten in about 20 years, but even back then I was absolutely opposed to the use of vulgarity in's just so much cleaner and free flowing without it in my opinion :-)<br />
<br />
(((((hugs))))) Thank you, girly!!! :-)

LOL!!!<br />
Glad you enjoyed it, Pinky :-)

It's my pleasure to please, m'Lady ;-)

*takes Queen's hand and kisses it*<br />
Thank you, m'Lady!!! :-)

*grins and winks at Dark*<br />
I'm so very glad you loved it!!! You're welcome to come back as often as you like ;-)

*breathlessly bows to takenheart*<br />
<br />
Thank you very much, Gem! :-)