Our Bareback


Skin on skin
Raising the roof
Making loud din!

Fu cking me fast
Riding me hard
Feeling your lust
Caught me off-guard!

Making me sweat
Feeling sooooo good
Making it last and last
No chance to be misunderstood.

Slowing it down a bit
Making me cu m
Your needs, your desires
To these I succumb...

Your body, Your touch,
Your hunger, Your c ock-
The way we inferno
Our blast-An earth shock!

(Just thoughts on you!)
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6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I like how it drives with intent; a lustful coupling. Mmmm . . . I wonder what that would be like since my wife had never just enjoyed such spur-of-the-moment delight that left one spent.

hahaha . . . awesome sweetie . . . wow . . . thanx for taking me there . . . hahaha . . . well done . . . 8D

Honest and clear. No ambiguity at all. I love you.

wonderful !!!

and the earth smiled..all was as it should be...love you..miss you...xxxxxxoooooo

Lustful raw passion, at its best. Xxx