Here I’m now where my back pressed over my bed,

with the air enveloping me, In these four -corner room,

with the fan focused on me alone remember

one night I met him and we did what old people do.
We part ways after sometime, then I told my self this is the last time I will ever do this.


But again another night came; I met Mo, through his friend

Then I met Dude, then I met Migs, and I did again with Mo,

Wow, now here is another, Clay, then Jams, But Mo I think is my favorite.

One night I find Mo no where, luckily Dude was there, but

I feel more satisfied and safe with Migs, so now it’s Migs, but he too left.

Thanks Clay, but you are no good than Jams,

I will not exchange Jams from any of you, but not to Mo.

Why only now Clint, but I know you will not stay that long, so Jams will still be my partner, but Dude will still be considerably a partner for an occasion.


Wow, I never thought they are that plenty,

And all left a great memory,

Maybe one day, I will meet them all

And have them all in one game.

lamisil lamisil
18-21, M
Feb 9, 2010