I started it in my dreams, as deep and as dark

With the imaginations filled with greens and spice.

In this tender age, full of urges and desires

And we both satisfy, as I give and did my part.


In one of those nights under the moon with full of surprise

I met this guy, and I gave and made it right.

That night started my playful flights in this game called desire.

I made it again, with another man, whose name is never mind.


This time I tried to this sweet young man, whose lips like cherry

And whose eyes like baby, yet he is with perfect belly and thighs.

That all wished to try with him like cotton candy everyone desires;

with his butt so yummy, and tummy so creamy after jamming.


I did it with all of romance I knew and extreme imaginations I kept so few

And so it happened again, and again, and again, till I ended disliking him at all.

Yet he will just be part of those guys I knew, and of whose performance no one knew, it would always be between me and him, and him alone.


Here I go again, from you to him, and to them, and to all of them

being expert with all styles, and their sweet arms

here I’m now hoping to have the real one, not you, him or them

but he who will just crave only for me and me to him.

lamisil lamisil
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Beautiful.... Thanks for sharing.