I'm leaning up against the wall watching you from across the room. I'm imagining all of the things I'd want you to do to me when you start walking towards me. I feel my whole body start to quiver. I want you to touch me. I want you to run your fingers throughout my entire body. I want your lips to brush up against mine, and I want your fingers to insert themselves inside me.

You are suddenly stanidng in front of me. You stare into my eyes with desire and passion. Then you push me up against the wall and start to kiss me passionately. Soon our tongues are swirling together rhytmically. Your hands are running down my entire body brushing across my stomach. Then your fingers gently tease my ***** as they brush over it.

You kneel down and put your head underneath my skirt. Your lips lick around my panties. I moan softly. Your hands reach underneath my panties and insert themselves inside me. With the feel of your fingers inside me.... I moan more loudly.

The panties are down to my toes now, and your face is buried in my *****. Your tongue is licking my insides and making me quiver with delight. Making me feel ohsogood entirely. You raise yourself up and kiss me passionately, once more.

Then you push me up against the wall, take off your pants and insert yourself inside me. My fingers scratch down your back, and then I kiss you fiercely. You're inside me, My ***** wrapping tightly around your hard ****. You're making me feel so damn good. I yell out, "I want you to *** inside me. I want to feel you inside me." As you explode and moan in ecstasy, I smile.

After you explode you keep yourself inside me because you never want to disconnect from what we just had together.
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Jul 26, 2010