In The Moonlight,

We were walking in the park late at night. The moon was bright as can be. We were with one another. When you came up to me and wrapped your arms around me. Your hands started to rub all over my body. First, my shoulders, then down my arms. I felt a tingle with every inch of your touch. Then the urge overcame me. I wanted you right then, right there. No care in the world if anyone was around. I turned around to face you and started to kiss you. First, slowly. Gently, lips brushing up against yours. The kisses were slow, then my mouth opened and they became more fierce. Then my tongue slid into your mouth and found yours. My tongue going deeper into your mouth, kissing you more passionately.

Then my arms were around you. I pushed you into me when I whispered into your ear, "I want you, I want you now, right here." I wasn't wearing any panties, and I had a skirt on, so I knew access was easy. You lifted me up, and continued to kiss me. You lifted my skirt up, unzipped your pants, and inserted yourself inside me. With my legs wrapped completely around you. You took me right there, int hat instance. With no other care in the world except for the two of us right in that moment.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

being spontaneous, just doing it without giving it any thought is really erotic, makes you even hotter, doesn;t it ? !!! =) some good stuff.