After a good night's sleep, I woke up in the early morning. You were still sleeping beside me. YOu were still there, right there, next to me. In that moment, I wnated you. In that moment, I needed you. In that moment, I started to run my hands all along your body. In hopes of waking you up. I continued to rub my hands along your body, and refused to stop until you woke up.

You woke up.

I started to kiss you t hen. My lips kept kissing your lips. My lips brushing up against yours. My lips kissing you over and over and over again.

I rolled you over on your back, and climbed on top of you. My hand reaches down towards you **** and starts rubbing up and down, up and down until your **** is completely hard. Then I insert you inside me. As I lower myself down onto your **** completely.

I gently begin to ride you until I want to feel you deeper inside me. Then I ride faster. I lean back and grab your hands. I run your hands all over my body. All over my front, I stop your hands on my breast, as you begin to caress my breasts. AS your hands begin to run in circles around them.

I am still wrapped completely around your ****. And I am riding you hard. I am enjoying every minute of you being inside me.

I suddenly look down and stare into your eyes.

In that moment, I moan in ecstasy because I hit the spot that made me lose complete and utter control.

Next thing I know, you were joining in with me.

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Jul 26, 2010